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Transferring vinyl is a major drag on the economy?

My turntable in the middle of a vinyl transfer

My turntable in the middle of a vinyl transfer

This is going to be one of my shortest blogs ever.  Today, in the Wall street Journal, in the review section, on page C-11 there is an article called “Lack of Sleep costs Billions. How about Cats?”  The article list the top ten things that put a drag on the economy.  Number 4 on the list is “transferring vinyl to manageable mp 3 formats.”  The author claims that this activity in costing the economy about $11.7 billion per year!  I assume it is calculating the time it takes as well as it’s impact on the sale of music in other formats.  She lays the blame squarely on the “Baby-boomers”  She mocks us for taking our classic rock so “seriously”.  If it is a crime, then let me be guilty…  As a matter of fact, I plan to do some vinyl transferring today!

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