About Me And This Site…

I’m, John and I’m an Addict.  I’m addicted to music.  I have collected and performed music since I was 9 years old.   I collect it in every form you can imagine:  print media, CD, tape, Digital Downloads in every format you can name, and I especially love to collect music on LP. 

I have a very different occupation than my obsession, so I feed the disease as much as I can in my spare time.  I was born in 1958 so I am no spring chicken, but new music still intrigues me.  I am married to a wonderful woman (Pam) who enables my addiction.  (Thank you Darling!)  I have a wonderful daughter (married) who I have passed the disease on to. (No need to thank me, Natalie!) 

The purpose of this blog is to share all things regarding music.  It is meant to be a music journel of my life.  I will share things like music reviews, brief articles about music, reviews of live performances, and generally be an information broker about music sites and performances in the local area of DFW Texas.

I will also share the progress of a very large project I am in the middle of.  I am transferring a large LP collection to loss-less digital format.  My goal is to transfer at least one LP per week into digital format and burn the file to CD.  My turntable will tell many tales.  I hope you will come along for the journey.  There’s no telling what you might hear.
Music Blogs
music blogs

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28 Responses to About Me And This Site…

  1. Kim K. Ludwig says:

    John: Although I am not a trained music academian, such as yourself, I am so thrilled to know you are pursuing your passion. I hope it gives you the spark in your life to find joy. Knowing you are so interested in your hidden, suffocated talents, I am encouraging to break free. With that in mind, I would love to introduce you to my friend, Ty Ramsey (Piano Tuner), and Alice Hobbs, (Out-going Executive Director of the Plano SYm[hony Orchestra. It is my little way to help you live your passion. Keep up the good work.

  2. ray bushnell says:


    I went on your blog for the first time today. Not only are you a great friend but a true co-lover of music. I couldn’t have been more impressed with your writing. Your words are not those of a rookie, you make me proud!!

    Ray Bushnell

  3. Mark Ludwig says:

    John – great site. Although I am a casual music lover, you obviously know your stuff. I am impressed with the site and your insights. With all the albums you own, it will take you a log time to digitize all of them. Truly a work of love.

    • John says:

      Thanks for the incouragement Mark. You’re right it will take a long time. It may not even be possible. Every time I turn around I seem to add to the collection, thus I compound my problem!

  4. Wendy says:

    Oh, I finally figured out I hit the blue highlighted thing and it plays the song…what a wonderful world we live in where you can download music for me to hear as you speak about the songs…you are great at this and have such great insight and interesting stories to tell about the musicians and songs…what a talent! Louie Louie now has a new frame….Aloha, my friend.

    • John says:


      I’m glad you enjoyed the site and figured out how to play the links. There’s only so much words can say about music. Sooner or later you have to hear the music. Steve Martin said “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.”

  5. Pam Norman says:

    Your Mom would be so proud of you! She always encouraged you to play the piano, and knew what a passion you have for music. She was such an incredible & creative woman & had the foresight to journal her creative memories. You are following in her footsteps, and you are off to a great start my dear husband. I love you, Pam.

  6. tex norman says:

    Wow! John, this is great. You know stuff I didn’t even know I didn’t know. I added you to my favorites. Keep writing. Peace tex

  7. Bruce Warren says:

    Do you still have the J. Schneider Piano for sale ? How old is this instrument and does it have Viennese action ?

    • John says:

      The Piano is still for sale. It is estimated to be around year 1851. It is Viennese action. Would you like more info and pictures?

  8. Gramma says:

    RE the Siegel-Schwall Band album: 953 West…..

    That was the address of The (late, great) Quiet Knight…Richard Harding’s club…
    953 West Belmont….The drawing is of the Belmont el platform…
    The artist in question is my late, great father Eddie Balchowsky…

    Peace to you in these trying times,

    • John says:

      Thank you so much for your additional information. I will update the information on my blog.What was your Father’s relationship to Corky and Jim? Also, are there any other details you would like to share about your Father? I love his poem and his drawing.

      Thank you for sharing!

      Peace to you as well.
      John Norman

  9. Marshall Cline says:

    John, I hope you enjoy the records, I try to pass on things I get that I don’t have much interest in. I just checked out your blog, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Trout Mask Replica featured. I sold my copy a few years back, but still own most of the Captain’s lps. I am hiring DJ Mark Ridlen to spin some tunes at Vinyl Fan inside Boomers on Bishop (504 N. Bishop) for a few hours on an upcoming Saturday, and would appreciate a mention once I firm up the date and time. There is a deli inside Boomers and they will have specials on the food during the performance, and I will select an eclectic array of wonderful and rare tunes. I will get back to you soon, Marshall

    • John says:

      Marshall, I would love to plug your event as well as attend it. I will enjoy the records too. Your generosity is very much appreciated. What was your Facebook page you wanted me to like?

  10. Al Kholos says:

    Re: Canned Heat’s Larry Taylor (aka The Mole). His real name is Larry Taylor Tatman III. And the late Henry Vestine is not Harvey Mandell (still very much alive!). I saw Canned Heat play in Woodland Hills two years ago. Fito, Harvey, and Larry were on stage. I don’t recall who was doing lead vocals or playing rhythm guitar. I still particularly mourn for Alan Wilson, a great songwriter and an amazing rhythm guitar player!

    • John says:

      Thank you for your comments and your updated information for this blog. I never got to see them live. Maybe in the future if I’m lucky. I have two of their albums and some live stuff I downloaded from Wolfgang’s Vault. Live has got to be the best way to appreciate them.

  11. Al Kholos says:

    After listening, many times, to Living The Blues Part 2, I can only presume that all you could do at one of there concerts at the Topanga Coral was listen in rapture, quivering a little maybe. I too, much to my shame and dismay, never saw them play live “back in the day.”

    If you likes Canned Heat, you should check out the first 5 or 6 albums by Savoy Brown, also amazing live!

  12. Randy Davis says:

    Nice site. It’s really refreshing to hear great music even without the commercial success.
    Have you ever listen to The Cherry People? They put out a pop album in the late 60’s and then turned to their true colors and played some really great rock/blues. Misty Mountains, Livin’ Ain’t Easy, How many ways. and the list goes on and on. Check them out and let me know what you think.

    Always Dive……into The Deep End,

    • John says:

      Thanks for the tip on The Cherry People. I have never heard of them. I look forward to checking them out. Maybe they will inspire a future blog?


  13. James says:

    Hello John, James here from RecordsAlbums.com. Cool site man. Just wondering how many needles you have gone through transferring all those LPs, hehe.

    • John says:

      Hello James:

      Thanks for the comment. Love the sense of humor! I’ve been through 3 needles so far. I use a Rega Bias 2 cartridge. The needle cannot be replaced separately, so the whole cartridge has to go…

  14. STAN says:

    Hi John,
    Just discovered your blog. Good work! Are you planning to keep it going ?

    I’d like to correct some nformation Al K. gave you above in 2014. Lawrence Taylor Tatman III is the actually the given name of Skip Taylor. There were/are several other “aliases” that appear on recordings for; Lawrenve Tatman, Larry Tatum, L.T. Tatum, Larry R. Taylor, , etc. May be confusing, but apparently common practice in the recording business for various reasons. Skip is not actually related to bassist Larry “The Mole” Taylor.

    Skip has been Canned Heat’s manager since Woodstock and the guys are still touring (Europe this’s this last summer 2018) and currently enjoying hearing themselves on Geico (Goin’ Up The Country) and Amazon ( Let’s Work Together) commercials. They will headline the Southern Arizon Blues Heritage,s Blues and Brews fest on March 30, 2019.

    Skip is a good friend and interesting guy currently living in Tucson Az. Just had dinner with him on Chistmas.

    • John says:

      Great information! It must be interesting to know Skip personally and hear some stories straight from the person who lived them. Maybe we could interview him for the blog sometime? Maybe we could even do a video blog? I have posted your comment to the blog. I am going to start posting again. The next blog will be about 13th Floor Elevators second album, “Easter Everywhere”. I have completed my reserch and finished transfering the LP to digital.

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