Guns and Roses??? Really, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Gund - n -Roses Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Guns-n-Roses? Really?

The 2012 inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were announced recently.

The concert and induction ceremony is scheduled for April 5 -14th in Cleveland, Ohio.


The Red Hot Chili Peppers


The inductee’s included The Red Hot Chili Peppers,






The Faces/The Small Faces,

The Small Faces/The Faces









and the great Freddie King.

Freddie King









There were several other worthy inductees as well that I am choosing not to mention at this time.  The criteria the Hall of Fame uses is very broad and subjective.  Basically, they can induct who ever they want to.  He is the verbatim quote from the Hall of Fame’s own site:

To be eligible for induction as an artist (as a performer, composer, or musician) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the artist must have released a record, in the generally accepted sense of that phrase, at least 25 years prior to the year of induction; and have demonstrated unquestionable musical excellence.  We shall consider factors such as an artist’s musical influence on other artists, length and depth of career and the body of work, innovation and superiority in style and technique, but musical excellence shall be the essential qualification of induction.

So here’s my opinion.  Guns-n-Roses is not worthy of the Hall of Fame.  They formed in 1987 and broke up in 1994.  Their lead guitar player, Slash,  has reformed the band with new members including a new lead singer.  They put out 2 really good recordings; Appetite for Destruction, and Use Your Illusions I & II.  The Hall praised them as “The Rolling Stones of their time…”  You have got to be kidding me!  I saw GNR twice.  The first time I saw them the opened for Arrowsmith.  They were awesome and I really enjoyed their show.  The second time I saw them was in Texas Stadium at an all day Rock Concert.  The headliner was INXS.  GNR went on right before INXS.  They made it through about three songs.  Axle Rose, their lead singer, started kicking INXS’s equipment off the stage.  He went on rant about the fact that they should have been the headliner of the concert.  The Irving Police Department had enough of his appetite for destruction, and profanity.  Axle had to stop using his illusion and ended up in the Irving jail charged with public lewdness and destruction of property.  This alone is enough to block them from the Hall of Fame.  It’s okay if a musician doesn’t like another musicians music, but it’s not okay for them to disrespect another musician.  The Hall is about honoring musicians.  I believe that in order for you to be honored, you should have to be honorable.  GNR’s  brevity of career, lack of a significant body of work, and their attitude toward other musicians make them a poor choice for the Hall of Fame.  Shame on the voters and shame on the Hall of Fame.  Congratulations to all the other inductees.  They are all worthy candidates.

It’s my opinion.  I could be wrong.  What do you think?



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3 Responses to Guns and Roses??? Really, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

  1. Ken West says:

    I hear ya, brother.

    My 2 cents-GNR gets some credit for coming along and blowing away all those awful hair bands that were in vogue at the time with something real, violent and bluesy. That being said, there’s no way they belong in the Hall of Fame. Of course, you could say that about a 3rd of the acts already enshrined. And if I can get catty for a moment-Slash is a very mediocre player, and I can only take Axel’s vocal histrionics in small doses.

    LOVE Freddie King, nice to see his musical legacy getting some well deserved recognition.

  2. GG Allin says:

    Well, the R&RHOF is a joke, and to be honest, the only band that truly understood this was the Sex Pistols. That GNR can get in but KISS is still waiting is utterly ridiculous. It’s also a bastion of political-correctness gone mad. Eric B & Rakim (a hip hop act) were more deserving of nomination than Iggy (solo) or KISS or Lou Reed (solo) or a few dozen other ROCK acts – Rush, Heart, Deep Purple…

    Anyways, the GNR selection was more about record sales and HOF publicity than much else. They definitely changed the R&R landscape in a massive way, and deeply impacted popular and musical culture. I am on the fence whether they should have gone in or not – but certainly not before quite a few other bands out there. The Beastie Boys fall into the same category, though are arguably more deserving than GNR (I feel they cross that R&R/Hip Hop boundary).

    I dont even know why I am writing this comment! The HOF is no-doubt an arm of the record industry. “Who is going to buy a Steppenwolf greatest hits when we can get current acts in there like the Chili Peppers – who still make music and sell out arenas?!”

    • John says:

      Great comments. Some of which I agree with and some, not so much. The R&R&HOF is a joke. They have made themself into a joke by some of the decisions they have made. Eric B, Rush, Heart,Deep Purple, and Beastie Boys all deserve to be in the hall. Finally, I would buy Steppenwolf greatest hits, but I’d also go see the Chili Peppers. Thanks for the comment!

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