LP Record Collection Worthless…Almost.

Boxes of LP's and 78rpm's Donated to the Plano Symphony

Record Collection donated to the Plano Symphony

This is a follow up to my blog post of 4/3/2011 when I was asked by the Plano Symphony Orchestra to catalog and research the value of an LP record collection that was donated to the symphony.  The job of cataloging and researching the music is now over and I’m sure it will not be a surprise to most of you to find out that the collection is basically worthless.  The main problem with the collection is that most of it consists of 78rpm’s not LP 33 1/3 rpm.

So after much time and research I recommended to the Executive Director that we sell the collection to Half Price Books and Records.  I had made a call to them to make sure that they would also buy the 78rpm’s.  Those records are made of acetate and are extremely heavy!  They make a box of LP’s feel light by comparison.  Half Price Books confirmed that they buy 78’s. 

The Executive Director reviewed my catalog of the collection and authorized the sale of the collection.  So, last Friday I loaded up the boxes and took them to Half Price Book to sell them.  When I got there a nice young man helped me bring them in.  I shopped around while they put together  my offer.

“John, your offer is ready” comes over the intercom.  The employee says “take them somewhere else” basically.  I asked, why?!?!?  He says, “Well, classical music has a really long shelf life and we can’t sell it for very much money.  And no one has 78 players anymore.”  I told them that I had called before coming and was told that they would buy the discs.  I also pointed out that a number of their classical LP’s were being sold for $5.98 apiece and that that was about what they sold for when they were new.  I also reminded them that this was for the Plano Symphony.  “Well,” he says, “Let me talk to the manager and I’ll get back to you.”  I go shop some more.  Again the ominous sound of my name being called rings out through the intercom system of the store:  “John, your offer is ready”.

The employee at the counter says “My manager will offer you $3.00 for the 78’s and $20.00 for the LP’s.  Are you sure you can’t take them somewhere else?”  I said  “Nope, sold for $23.00!”  What a shame no one really values these relics of the past anymore.  Vinyl is being cast aside like yesterday’s garbage. 

Now I will try to help the Symphony sell their antique piano.  This piano was restored by someone who didn’t quite know what they were doing.  The original ivory keys were replace with plastic.   The original leather hammers were replaced with modern felt hammers.  They refinished the cabinet which destroyed the original patina on the piano.  Also, the keyboard is mounted in such a way that repeated notes are difficult or impossible to execute, and when you depress the keys you hit bottom a little to soon, so the piano is hard to play loud or fast.  There are other issues as well, however; it would not be hard or expensive to fix things.

Jos. Schneider Grand Piano

Antique Schneider Grand Piano Circa 1840-50

If you know anyone who would be interested please have them contact me.  I am going to advertise the piano on ebay and craigs list next week.

For those that are interested in the LP collection from the Plano Symphony here is the complete list.

Plano Symphony

Record Collection

Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass:

            The Lonely Bull                                                A&M 101S

            SRO                                                                A&M 4119

            Warm                                                               A&M 4190*

            South of the Boarder                                        A&M SP-108

            Whipped Cream and Other Delights                  A&M SP-4110

            What Now My Love                                        A&M LP-114*

            The Brass Are Comin’                          A&M SP-4228*

            Volume 2                                                         A&M SP-1-3

                        *LP is sealed in plastic and has never been opened.

Ernest Ansermet and L’orchestra de la Suisse Romande            London CM-9290 (Mono)

Franck Symphony in D Minor

Le Chasseur Maudit

The Sound of Fame (Edison’s actual recordings of Artists of his time) Edison M80P-7349


Leontyne Price and William Warfield                             RCA LM-2679 (Mono)

            Great Scenes from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess

Fritz Reiner and The Chicago Symphony Orchestra                   RCA – LSC-2201

            Moussorgsky/Ravel – Pictures at an Exhibition

Vladimir Horowitz                                                                    Columbia ML-5811 (Mono)

            The Sound of Horowitz

Eugene Ormandy and The Philadelphia Orchestra                      Columbia CL-741

            Offenbach – Gaite Parisienne

            Chopin – Les Sylphides

Zino Francesscatti and Robert Casadesus                                 Columbia ML – 4178 (Mono)

            Franck Sonata in A Major for violin and piano

            Debussy – Sonata No. 3 for violin and piano

Van Cliburn and Kiril Kondrashin                                             RCA LSC-2252

            Tchaikovsky  – Piano Concerto in B-flat minor Op.23

Geza Anda, Alceo Galliera, and the Philharmonia Orchestra      Angel 35093

            Rachmaninoff – Piano Concerto No 2 in C Minor

            Prelude Op23. No. 5 and Prelude Op. 32 No 5

Percy Faith and His Orchestra                                      Columbia CL-1639

            Mucho Gusto! More Music of Mexico

Eydie Gorme                                                    United Artists Records UAS-6152

            I Feel So Spanish

Pedro Vargas                                                   RCA – LPS-79

            En Carnegie Hall

Songs of Our Times  1938                                Vocalion VL-3650

Ink Spots                                                         Tops L1561

The Ink Spots

The Big Name Bands                                        RCA Camden CAL 368

The Pied Pipers                                                Tops L-1570

Tribute to Tommy Dorsey

Make Believe                                                   RCA Camden Cal 315

Freddy Martin and His Ochestra, The Music of Jerome Kern

Songs of Our Times      1941                            Vocalion VL 3653

Schumann Piano Concerto                                Columbia ML-5168

Strauss Burlesque for Piano and Orchestra

Rudolf Serkin, Eugene Ormandy, The Philadelphia Orchestra

Songs of Our Times 1940                                 Vocalion VL-3652

Hits of the 40’s                                     RCA Camden CAL-398

Original Soundtrack “The Sting”                        MCA- 390

Marvin Hamlich

Balulac – Brazilian Gemstones               CBS Especial No. 620.049

Original Soundtrack “Viva Max!”                      RCA Victor LSP 4275

Al Hirt and Hugo Montenegro

Honey In The Horn                                           RCA Victor LPM-2733

Al Hirt

Our Man in New Orleans                                 RCA Victor LSP-2607

Al Hirt

Horn A-Plenty                                                  RCA Victor LSP-2446

Al Hirt with Orchestra arranged and conducted by Billy May

Beautiful Bird Sounds of the World                   BOMC 81-6472

Texas!                                                              Columbia CL-1061

The Rampart Street Paraders

Hits of the 30’s                                     RCA Camden CAL 370

Texas                                                               Carsan Records 1002

An Orchestral Suite by David W Guion

The Houston Summer Symphony, Evra Rachlin Conducting

Ole Torme!                                                      Verve MG V-2117

Mel Torme goes south of the border with Billy May

The Songs of David Guion                                CMP Records CMP-7333

Sung by Dan Pratt, David Guion – piano

The Piano Music of David Guion                       Composers Recordings CRI SD 448

Steve Buchanan, pianist

Vladimir Horowitz                                            Columbia Mono – KL-5771

Plays Chopin, Schumann, Rachmaninoff, Liszt

The Unforgettable William Kapell                      RCA LM-2588

Khachaturian Piano Concerto, Albeniz Evocacion/Liszt Mephisto Waltz

Rachmaninoff 18th variation-Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini

Beethoven Concerto No 2                                            RCA LM-9026

NBC Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Golschmann, Conductor

Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini

Fritz Reiner Conducting the Robin Hood Dell Orchestra of Philadelphia

Sound Track to “Around the World in 80 Days”           Decca DL-9046

Composed and Conducted by Victor Young

Glenn Miller Plays Selections from “The Glenn Miller Story”      RCA- LSP-1192(e)

Lawrence Welk’s Baby Elephant Walk             Dot Records DLP-3457

You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You                  Capitol SF-524 (Sealed)

Dean Martin

Return To Me                                                               Capitol SF-525 (Sealed)

Dean Martin

The Night We Called It A Day                          Capitol SF-531 (Sealed)

Frank Sinatra

Sentimental Journey                                                      Capitol SF-726 ((Sealed)

Frank Sinatra

My One And Only Love                                               Capitol DF-725 (Sealed)

Frank Sinatra

What Is This Thing Called Love?                                  Capitol DF-53o (Sealed)

Frank Sinatra

Scot Sounds 1969-1970                                              Century Custom Recording

The Highland Park High School Marching Band (Three Copies)

Dancing Party                                                               RCA Camden CAL-264

Freddy Martin and His Orchestra

Songs of Our Times 1937                                             Vocalion VL 3649

Holiday In France                                                         Tops L1538

Nestor Amaral and his Continentals

Pops Round Up                                                            RCA LM-2595

Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops

The Sacred Music of Frank Boggs                                Word Recordings W3014-LP

The Don Hustad Chorale

Forward To Christ                                                        Chapel Records LP-1527

Barbara Morton, Mezzo-Soprano

Heralding Christ Jesus blessings                                    Zondervan Victory Recording ZLP-526

The Radio Staff of HCJB

Introduction to the Piano                                               Capitol PAO 8422

Agi Jambor

Walt Disney Presents:  “Peter and The Wolf”    Disneyland Records WDL-3016

Also. From Fantasia “The Sorcerer’s Appenntice”

Major Classics for Minors                                            RCA LBY-1016

Arthur Wittemore and Jack Lowe, Duo-Pianists

Music for a Lonely Night                                              Tops LI524

The Jay Gordon String Orchestra

Songs of our Times 1939                                              Vocalion VL 3651

World’s Greatest Music Volume 16                              Columbia

Mendelssohn, Franck, Bach , Vivaldi

A Child’s Introduction to The Great Composers            Golden Record A198:4

Mitch Miller, Conductor

Great Men of Music                                                     Time/Life Records

Tchaikovsky                                                                 STL 541

Mozart                                                                         STL 542

Brahms                                                             STL 543

Beethoven                                                                    STL 546

Bach                                                                            STL 544

Prokofiev                                                                     STL 547

Debussy                                                                       STL 548

Recordings for the Enjoyment of Music/                        CBS 1208/16

The Norton Scores


English Suite No. 3 in G minor                          Polydor Vox  170

J.S. Bach          (Second Disc Missing)

(Second Copy is Complete)

Alexander Borowsky, Pianist

Collection of Tangos                                                     Standard Records 2069

You Love to hear and dance

Played by the San Deigo Tango Orchestra

Up Swing                                                                     RCA P-146

Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, and Artie Shaw

Ernest Tubb                                                                  Decca No. A-529

(Disc 3 and 4 Broken)

Boston Pops Encores                                                   RCA M968

Rachmaninoff plays Chopin Nocturne in E-flat Major    RCA -6731

Op. 9  No 2

And Paderewski Minuet in G Major Op 14 No 1

Gluck “Che Faro Senza Euridice”                                 RCA -12-0067

Mignon – Rondo Gavotte :  Me Voici Dans Son Boudoir

Mezzo Soprano – Nan Merriman

Franck – Panis Angelicus                                                          RCA 11-8490

Massenet – Elegie

Richard Crooks, Tenor

Schubert- Moments Musicals No 1 in C Major             RCA 17021

And No 2 in A Flat Major

Arthur Schnabel, Pianist

Chopin – Berceuse in D Flat Major Op 57                                RCA 15382

Ecossaises 1 and 3 Op 72

Alexander Brailoswky, Pianist

Serenata Mexicana by Cosme McMoon                                   Teltone Recordings

Queen of the Night aria

Florence Foster Jenkins, Soprano

Brandenburg Concertos                                                Columbia MM249

J.S. Bach

Busch Chamber Players, Adolf Busch, Conductor

The Book of Song Birds                                               Unknown

Tchaikovsky Concerto No 1                                         RCA DM 800

Horowitz, Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orchestra

Erno Rapee’s Melodyland Record Book

Faure Requiem

Soloist & Les Chanteurs De Lyon with Edward Commette (Organ)  Columbia M 354

Chopin Ballades, Alfred Cortot Pianist              RCA Victor DM-399

Chopin Nocturnes (Collection of 12)                             Columbia M-112

Leopold Godowsky, Pianist

Porgy and Bess                                                            Decca no. 145

Todd Duncan, Anne brown, Eva Jessye Choir

Decca Symphony Orchestra, Alexander Smallens – Director

Chopin Scherzos                                                          RCA Victor 189

Artur Rubinstein, Pianist

Greg Piano Concerto in A minor                                   Columbia MM-313

Walter Gieseking, Pianist

Berlin State Opera Orchestra, Hans Rosbaud, Conductor

Rhapsody inn Blue                                                        Columbia MX-251

Oscar Levant, Piano

Eugene Ormandy Conductor w/The Philadelphia Orchestra

Chopin Preludes                                                           Columbia MM523

Egon Petri, Piano

Chopin Sonata in B Flat Minor Op. 35              RCA Victor DM082

Artur Rubinstein, Pianist

El AmorBruio (Manuel de Falla)                                  RCA DM1089

Leopold Stokowski and the Hollywood Bowl Symphony

With Nan Merriaman, Mezzo Soprano

The Music of Chopin                                                    Columbia M 626

Maryla Jonas, Piano

Ravel “Daphnis et Chloe Suites 1 & 2               Decca AK 1584-86

Orchestra de la Societe des Concerts du Conservatoire de Paris

Conducted by Charles Munch

Glazounoff “The Seasons”                                             RCA Victor DM1072

Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Antal Dorati, Conductor

Franck “Variations Symphoniques”                               Columbia X-10

Walter Gieseking (pianist)

London Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Sir Henry Wood

Debussy – Various works for solo piano                        Columbia M314

Walter Gieseking (pianist)                                             Columbia X-8

Franck “Prelude, Chorale and Fugue”               RCA DM1004

Artur Rubinstein, Pianist

Franck – Symphony in D Minor                                    Columbia MM-608

Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy, Conductor

Henri Duparc “Five Songs”                                           RCA Victor M628

Charles Panzera (Baritone), Madgeleine Panzera-Baillot (Piano)

Chopin Piano Concerto no 2 in F Minor                        RCA DM1012

Artur Rubinstein Pianist

NBC Symphony Orchestra, William Steinberg Conducting

Chopin Piano Sonata No 2 in B flat minor Op 35

Robert Casadesus Pianist

Bizet’s Carmen                                                 RCA DM1078

Gladys Swarthout,Licia Albanese, Robert Merill, Ramon Vinay

Erich Leinsdorf, Conductor, Robert Shaw Choral Director

RCA Viuctor Chorale and Orchestra

Bach Concerto in D minor for piano and orchestra        Vox 162

Alexander Borowsky and the Lamoureux orchestra

E. Bigot – Conductor

Bach Chaconne in D minor for Partita No 2                  Musicraft 85

Andres Segovia Guitarist

Bach Suites 2 and 3                                                      RCA DM1123

Boston Symphony Orchestra Serge Koussevitzky, Conductor

Bach Three Part Inventions                                           Disc 770

Erno Balogh, Piano

Beethoven Sonata “pathetique”                         RCA DM1102

Artur Rubinstein Pianist

Beethoven Sonata “Moonlight”                         RCA DM1115

Horowitz, Pianist

Bach-Busoni Chaconne in D minor                                Columbia MX 91

Ernst Victor Wolff, Piano

Beethoven “Appassionata”                                            RCA DV 3

Artur Rubinstein, Piano

Chopin Waltzes (Volume 1)                                          RCA M863

Alexander Brailowsky, Pianist

Scarlatti Sonatas                                                           RCA MO1262

Horowitz, Pianist

Saint Saens Piano Concerto no 4                                  ColumbiaMM566

Robert Casadesus, Pianist

Artur Rodzinski Conductor, Philharmonic Symphony orchestra of New York

Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor                             Columbia X219

Leopold Stokowskiand the All American Orchestra

Ravel Bolero                                                                RCA DM793

Grand Orchestre Symphonique

Piero Coppola, Conductor

Scarlatti Sonatas                                                           Musicraft 72

Sylvia Marlowe Harpsichordist

Bach Toccata and Fugue in C Major                             Columbia X 195

Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra

Dimitri Mitropoulos, Conductor

Rimsky-Korsakov “Le Coq D’or”                                Columbia MX 254

Minneapolis Symphony orchestra

Dimitri Mitropoulos Conductor

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No 2                              RCA DM 58

Sergei Rachmaninoff, Pianist

Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra

Rachmanninoff Piano concerto No 2                             RCA DM 1075

Artur Rubinstein Pianist

NBC Symphony Orchestra

Vladimir Golschmann Conductor

Rachmaninoff Piano concerto No 3                               RCA DM117

Vladimir Horowitz, Pianist

Albert Coates, conducting the London Symphony Orchestra

Songs of Rachmaninoff                                     Columbia M625

Jennie Tourel Mezzo soprano

Erich Itor Kahn, Pianist

Ravel “Ma Mere L’oye”                                               CBS X 151

Howard Barlow, Conductor

Columbia Broadcasting Symphony

Schumann Piano concerto                                             RCA DM1009

Claudio Arrau, Pianist

Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Karl Krueger, Conductor

The Heart of La Boheme                                              RCA DM980

Licia Albanese, Beniamino Gigli, Tartiana Menotti, Afro Poli, Duilio Baronti, Aristaide Baracchi

La Scala Opera Orchestra, Umberto Berretoni, Conductor

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I taught myself how to play the piano and read music when I was 9 years old. I've been been consumed by music ever since. I majored in Piano performance in College and I still play, although not as well as when I had time to practice 4 -6 hours per day. This blog is about music. Music is the sound track of our lives. All it take is one song, one composition; and we are transported across time and space. I think it was Beethoven that said: "Music is the landscape of the soul."
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11 Responses to LP Record Collection Worthless…Almost.

  1. Amy says:


    If all else fails on the piano – ask Neko Case if she wants it – or put it in your yard so a tree will grow through it.

    • John says:


      Thanks for the suggestion. Neko rescues Piano’s and I rescue vinyl. Pam might really like it in the yard as a planter. Also, a good idea. I wonder if I can get the symphony to give it to us?

  2. Bill Jones says:

    Do you still have BACH BOROVSKY 78rpm English Suite. Can I purchase any of Borovsky you might still have?
    Thank you.

    • John says:

      Sorry, but I sold all of the 78’s to Half Price Books and Records in Plano Texas (Parker Road Location). They might still have the Borovsky and I’m sure the price would be dirt cheap.

  3. Charles says:

    Do you still have the Bach 3 Part Inventions/Balogh record?


    • John says:

      I’m sorry but the Balogh recordings have been sold. Thank you so much for your interest. I am always running across 78’s and LP’s so I will keep my eyes open and let you know if I find another one.

  4. Cynthia Cunningham says:

    i bought at an auction today many old vinyl (maybe older stuff) records. I’m trying to find out about costs and selling. After reading your blog, i’m thinking i wasted my money. Here are a few:

    Decca Album No. DA.433, Dohnanyi, suite in F sharp minor op 19, philharmonic orchestra of Los Angeles no visable date 3 records in one folder

    Victor red teal (i think it’s ‘teal”) records, Brahms, symphony No.3 in F, op. 90, Boston sympony orchestra, Serge Koussevitzky, conductor, 3 record set, on inside of cover its has opinoins about first movement, 2nd, etc. i’m sure its old, early 1900’s

    Columbia, denussy, quartet in G minor op10, Budapest String Quartet, masterworks Set M-467,J. Roismamnn and A. Schneider, violins; B.Kroyt, viola; M. Schneider, ‘cello. In ‘the boston evening transcript’ of March 11,1902: “it is not difficult to appreciate the enthusiasm of the few for Debussy…etc etc.
    If you have the time to read, i would welcome some advice on how to reserch further. It amazes me records a century aren’t worth anything.


    • John says:

      It sounds like you bought some old 78rpm records. IF they are 78’s and not LP’s (Long Playing 33 1/3rpm’s) they are pretty much worthless as far as money is concerned. The exception is if you have any Carouso or other old opera stars singing arias, or songs. Old 78’s of classical music had to split movements up in order to fit them on the albums. That is why the opera aria’s are still collectable. The song or aria will fit on one side of a 78. All of this being said, the albums are not really worthless to a music lover. You have purchased some wonderful music and performances by first rate musicians. If you have a record player that will play at 78rpm’s then you can enjoy these wonderful performances. Thank you for reading my blog and feel free to contact me any time you have comments or questions.

      Warm Regards,

  5. Denis says:

    Write please, you still had still album:
    Bach Chaconne in D minor for Partita No 2 Musicraft 85
    Thank you!

    • John says:

      I’m Very sorry, but I no longer have the Bach Chaconee. I sold it to half-price books in Plano, Tx. Located on Parker Road.

      Warm Regards,


  6. Nemanja Todorovic says:

    Hi John.

    I see that you try to sell piano J. Schneider.
    I also have J. Schneider piano. It is in my family about 30 years. But it is not good for playing. I found that it was made in Vienna, and J. Schneider had been making pianos from 1841 to 1851. I would like to sell it to museum.

    Do you know serial number of the piano that you try to sell? Do you know year of production? I would like to compare your serial no. and year to my serial no., in order to find the range of years of production of my piano.

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