Great Polk Audio Event at Jim A’s house yesterday!

My friend Jim is a member of an on-line chat room that is focused on Polk Audio Stereo Equipment.  He held a listening party at his house Saturday.  I really enjoyed this event a lot!  First of all I got to hear some great music I haven’t heard before.  Second, I got to hear some great stereo equipment.  The experience provided a rare opportunity to experience a wide variety of sound equipment as well as recording formats.  The equipment varied from small book shelf speakers and small amps to Floor standing speakers being driven by giant power amps.  The recording format went from LP records to digital FLAC files streaming through a DAC converter.  I brought my Rega P-2 and some LP’s as well as a number of different CD’s that were recorded with various audiophile techniques.

I heard a lot of great music.  One CD I enjoyed was Charlie Robinson “Life of the Party”.  Very cool outlaw country sound.  I heard some book shelf speakers that were unreal.  They were the Onix Reference One speakers. ($1200 per pair approx.)  The real treat to me was listening to an LP though a high end Tube Amp, pre-amp and phono-stage.  We listened to Supertramp “Crime of the Century” recorded in Half Speed Master by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab and a regular recording of “L A Woman” by The Doors”  Wow what a sound that was!  Cosmic experience deluxe!  The tube amp and pre-amp were made by Golden Tube audio:   the SE40 and the SEP-1 respectively.  The other turntable we heard was an old empire that had major modifications that included a Rega tone arm and a lot of other stuff. I forgot to identify the tube phono-stage.  But it sounded so much better than the built in phono stage that was in the Music Hall integrated amp that we used to power my Rega P-2.  The sound of that old vinyl through all that warm beautiful tube equipment was just a real treat.

It was particularly sweet because yesterday was national Record Store Day.  A day where we celebrate all the Mom and Pop owned record stores in the country.  I think it was a great accidental tribute that Jim’s Polk crew put together.

Along the lines of vinyl vs. digital; check out the May/June Absolute Sound magazine that came out this last week.  They published a letter to the editor I wrote.  My letter concerned a gentleman that wrote in to complain about any coverage the magazine devoted to covering vinyl.  He was very blunt and nasty about his opinion and bashed any and everyone that wasted their time with the “inferior” format of vinyl.  I couldn’t help it.  I had to write  in and defend vinyl.

So a great weekend event and it ended up honoring vinyl on national record store day.  Thank you Jim A. for hosting a great event!  All I have to say is dust off your LP’s and your turntables and use them.  If you don’t have  a turntable get one!  LONG LIVE VINYL!!!!!!!

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I taught myself how to play the piano and read music when I was 9 years old. I've been been consumed by music ever since. I majored in Piano performance in College and I still play, although not as well as when I had time to practice 4 -6 hours per day. This blog is about music. Music is the sound track of our lives. All it take is one song, one composition; and we are transported across time and space. I think it was Beethoven that said: "Music is the landscape of the soul."
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2 Responses to Great Polk Audio Event at Jim A’s house yesterday!

  1. Jim A says:

    I was thrilled that you were able to come out and experience this! I had an absolute blast. My favorite was a pair of Polk LS90s powered by a 40wpc tube amp. It was more than enough to fill the large room we had our little shindig in. Next time I’m going go dismantle my HT from the mancave and set it up downstairs.

    For those of you who read this blog, here’s a link to our meet-up thread in Polk Audio’s forum board:

  2. GG Allin says:

    Polk is the only audio equipment I buy (usually through Crutchfield). It is great quality with a very sturdy build but is affordable. Even the small bookshelf speakers can be pretty powerful.

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